Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

My name is Jennifer Brouwers and I am a pre-service that is working towards creating an anti-oppressive, anti- racist classroom.

As a pre-service teacher I believe:

All students should be able to come to school knowing that the classroom is a safe space.

Students should feel as though no matter how difficult life is at home, they can come to school and not have to worry about it for those hours. They should not fear for their safety every time they come to school. Instead they should know that this is the one place they will always be safe and protected.

All students should be given equitable opportunities to help them succeed.

All I want is for all my students to be successful, they are the future generation and we need to teach them that we are there to support them in anyway they need in order to be successful in the future. I want students to feel as though when they are in my class they are capable of anything and my goal is to try and create a classroom where they all can achieve to their highest potential. Teaching is not about treating students equally, it is about treating them equitably.

The classroom is a place where students should be allowed to express themselves without fear of being judged.

Students have such interesting minds when you sit down and just listen to them and I believe it is important to create a space where students can be creative and show the talents that they can bring to the table without having to worry about being judged by their peers. I want to create a classroom where everyone understands the importance of differences.

All classrooms should spend time outside to help create a better connection between students and the community.

I think it is important for students to get in touch with nature as well as their community. It is a great way to help connections with the earth and the rest of the world around them. It makes more memorable moments for students.

All classrooms should approach curriculum with a critical lens.

I believe that teaching students should involve allowing students to look at the way we teach with a critical lens. The curriculum has changed a lot over the history of schooling, however there are still parts of it that could use some adjustment. If we start to teach students to look for the little biases that are in society, even in our own curriculum then when they are going forwards in their careers maybe they will be able to better identify those biases in society and help to create change.

I think this quote describes my beliefs because I want to create students that feel connected to their community and enough to themselves that they can change anything:

“Kid, you’ll move mountains” – Dr.Seuss


EDTC 300

Summary Of Learning

Through out this semester we have been learning about technology and how we can use it in the classroom as we go forward to become teachers. I have learned so much this semester from different ways to learn online, to how to teach Digital Citizenship to students in a respectful way. I have created a video to summarize some of my favourite things I learned this semester and how EDTC 300 has helped teach me to be a more connected educator.

EDTC 300 · Learning Project

My Final Learning Project

Throughout this semester I have taken on the project of learning how to play the ukulele. In my first blog post of the semester Choosing My Learning Project I outline what my plan for the semester was. Over the past few months things have not gone as I had originally planned but in the end I got where I needed to go. This was my original plan for my learning project this semester:

Learning the chords .

Learning the strumming pattern

Learning the song verse by verse

Learning to play the whole song

Learning to play the song while singing along to it as well. (Love Story by Taylor Swift)

As I have never played a musical instrument before I had no idea how long it would take me to learn all of these skills. After the third week I was already able to kind of play Love Story, while singing which I thought was going to take month to learn. The first couple weeks were not easy. My first video I posted was not great, I was not even able to finish the full song and I played incredibly slow trying to remember where the chords were. As you can see here I needed a lot of work still.

However, luckily for me in society today, you can learn anything online quickly and so I used tools like youtube, ukutabs, and iUke I was able to learn my song I had originally planned to learn in no time.

So as I mentioned earlier, because I was able to learn my originally song fairly quickly. However, throughout this whole process I learned that there is so much more to playing ukulele then I thought, one thing that I originally struggled with was trying to tune my ukulele. Again being someone who knows very little about instruments I decided in my fourth week of practicing that it was Time To Get In Tune. I was able to find a pretty great app called insTuner, that helped me tune my ukulele and make sure it sounded great again.

Over the next couple of weeks I got even more side tracked and with the help of all of my online tools I also learned a few other songs on top of the one I had originally planned to learn. I also worked towards learning Little Talks, Riptide & Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. 

I have put a lot of time into this project and I believe that it is shown in my process throughout this journey. I started out hoping that by the end of this journey I would be able to play Love Story and sing along. Now that I have got to the end of my learning project I have not only learned Love Story, but through all of the tools accessible online I have also learned how to play three other songs.

Here is my final video of my learning project, I can feel the difference that has been made through out this journey. Hope you all can see it too!

EDTC 300

How Have I Helped Others Learn?

Throughout this class we have learned that when working online it is possible to help enhance others learning, even if you don’t realize it. This week we were asked to reflect on how we have helped others through out this class.

I believe that the main way I have helped others through out this class is through sharing things on twitter that my classmates and others could read to help them learn about things in the education world. I did this on several occasions:
















I also participated in twitter chats, and although I did not always have that much experience compared to the others in the twitter chats I still feel as though I was able to contribute enough to make an impact.

I also worked hard to make sure that I commented on my classmates through out their learning journeys, to give them support or to offer help while we learned about technology together. I think the main way I helped my classmates learning through out this class is by asking them questions on their blog posts that I hoped would get them thinking about furthering their learning or where to go with their next learning project blog post. I have added some of my comments that I have posted on my classmates blogs that I have hoped have helped them throughout this class.

Week 4:Double Leg flow (super easy) Jizelle

Hey Jizelle, I still think this is such a cool learning project. This resource clearly has worked really well for you. Have you considered using any other resources other then youtube to test out?

Communication is key-Kylie lorenz

This is a really creative way to show how you should talk to people who are concerned about using tech in the classroom. Some really great points were raised and I feel as though if this was a real conversation between a teacher and parent it would help ease the doubts that parent had.

To Use or Not to Use- Blogademia

I think this is a very creative way of doing your blog post this week, especially because some parents do have many of these same concerns. You raised some good points and they are definitely things that would need to be considered if teaching with technology in the classroom.

News: Real Vs. Fake- Brooklynn Seck

Hey Brooklyn,
You are absolutely correct, a lot of people create fake news to troll others which is incredibly frustrating in a world where people can be easily impressionable. As a teacher it is our job to teach students that we can look other places for news and make an activity out of it to teach students where to find credible news and how to know if it is real or fake!

My Latest Calligraphy Adventure- Shaleen

Those pens are awesome and your calligraphy is even more awesome! I think this is such a creative learning project and I like that you are using pictures and video to show us what you are creating. I think what Nicole said could be a really cool way to end your learning project, if you create a tutorial for how to do calligraphy it could be a great way to help teach others!

Finally, I think that one way I helped improve the learning of others in my class was when Joshua, Jizelle  and I created a video about why we should and shouldn’t teach about Digital Citizenship in the classroom. I think I helped my partners in thinking of ideas they may not have thought of when working on this post, and I think I also helped those who read it in hopefully understanding some of the reasons why we should teach digital citizenship, as well as some of the reservations people might have.

Overall, I think there is more I could have done to help those in my class learn through technology this semester, but considering I am so not use to technology I think I did a pretty good job. I am hoping I helped enhance some of my classmates learning experiences because I for sure know they helped me.


About Me

Who Is Jennifer Brouwers?

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jennifer Brouwers and I am currently a 4th year Education Student at the University of Regina. I am a travel enthusiast and love the idea of working with my students to understand the world in a deeper way. I am also a firm believer in Treaty Education, to help students understand our past and help create a better future. I also love being outdoors and camping. I believe that students should learn the importance of spending time outside and how to treat our earth in a positive way.

My blog mainly consists of posts I have created throughout my University degree for classes. However, as I move forward in my teaching career I hope to fill this blog with posts linked to subjects I am passionate about as well as the amazing work my future students will create, and reflections on my teaching experiences.

Thanks for coming to check out my blog! I hope you enjoy and follow me on my twitter @msjbrouwers for even more of what I am doing in the classroom.

EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Can’t Help Falling In Love With The Ukulele

Last week in my blog post I mentioned how I had come to a creative standstill when working on my learning project. So I asked for advice on what song I should work on next (because again I get distracted a lot).

I was given the suggestion of working on the song Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and I thought this song would be perfect to kind of mix it up a bit. I already know quite a few of the chords because of the other songs I had been working on, but it also gave me a chance to learn some new chords.

These are the chords I need to know for the song and before I started working on this song I knew A7, Am, C, F, and G.

The rest were new to me which was kind of new and exciting. I then decided that I was going to try and learn this song the way that I learned Love Story. Through good ol’ youtube. So I started looking and found a video that I really liked to help teach me how to play this awesome song.

I really like this tutorial because she goes goes through all the chords with you as well as the strumming pattern very slowly. When she goes through all the chords she makes sure that she explains where to put your fingers for each one which is always really helpful.

So I have posted a video of me attempting to play Can’t Help Falling In Love on my ukulele. I will be back to playing love story next week for my final post, but for now I am going to continue to have fun messing around. Also I apologize in advance I have a pretty bad cold this week so it does not sound the greatest but I gave it a shot anyways!

ESCI 302

Flappy Bird Coding Is My Favourite Kind Of Coding

Throughout this class I have been learning a lot of pretty cool things about technology. However, one thing I have never understood is the idea of coding. This week our challenge was to try and code something using either Code Academy or Hour of Code.

I took a look at the two different websites and from what I could see, it seemed like the Hour of Code activities were more the speed I was at so I decided to give those a try. At first I saw an activity called Tracy the Turtle which was designed for grades 6+ and my thought was automatically that I am in University, grade 6 coding should be super easy for me… I was wrong. So I quickly decided to re-evaluate the level I was at and chose the Flappy bird coding activity that was designed for grade 2+.

This activity was a lot more in my comfort zone and so I figured for starting out it was a good place to be. I really like how this website works because it starts easier and slowly gets more complex which can help build students confidence.






Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.09.34 PM

As you can see the difference between level two and level seven isn’t huge, but it is enough that the student’s are learning something. By the end of the activity I had coded an entire Flappy Bird game and was able to change many different parts of it to make it how I wanted.

Overall, I found it was a fun experience and I would for sure use it in my classroom to teach students about coding, but I think that in order for me to teach this concept to students I first have to understand it better myself. I think coding is something that could help students in the future especially because they are growing up in a technology based world and the more they understand about it the more likely they will succeed.


EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Coming To A Creative Standstill

I have to be honest with you all, this week I can come to kind of a standstill in my learning project. Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out different apps, and I have progressed further along in my song than I thought I was going to which is great!

But now I am left with what to do next. So instead of posting a video this week, I am going to ask a question. Does anyone have a song that they think would be cool for me to try and learn this upcoming week? If so let me know by leaving a comment on this blog post, and I will use a new app to try and learn it!

Again sorry for not posting a video this week but I will for sure post one next week of either me playing a new song, or playing Love Story to show how I have progressed recently!

EDTC 300

Is This Real News? Or Is It Just Fantasy?

Schools are starting to work towards helping students understand digital citizenship, yet there are still many students and adults who don’t understand that when online not everything you see is real.

Throughout this past week I learned that the issue of misinformation or “fake news” is becoming a real issue in our online world we live in. In the article Fake News. It’s Complicated, the author discusses how there are many reasons why people create fake news but the main reasons are “Poor Journalism, Parody, to Provoke or ‘Punk’, Passion, Partisanship, Profit, Political Influence or Power, and Propaganda.” All of these forms of misinformation fall under what she calls a misinformation matrix.

These styles of reporting misinformation are incredibly harmful because if people don’t understand that many articles on the internet can be fake, their opinions can be swayed by information that isn’t even real.

With the online world being so accessible to everyone now people believe that means that they can use it to their advantage even if what they are putting out into the world isn’t true. In the Stanford Study they claim “For every challenge facing this nation, there are scores of websites pretending to be something they are not.” Which is true, for any opinion online you can find information that may not be true and for people who are easily fooled that could potentially be a problem.

I know personally the only time I really have been tricked by fake news is when looking on Facebook and seeing fake movie trailers made my people to trick others in believing they are making these movies. With that being said I have only realized they were fake because of some of the comments made under the video, so there could be many other things I have read that were also fake that I didn’t realize at the time.

Since it is becoming more prevalent it is important that we teach our students how to recognize fake news and how to check if something is real when they come across and article that they aren’t sure about.

But how?

That is a question I am still trying to figure out, I fully don’t think I understand how to recognize when information online is actually misinformation so how can I teach my students to recognize it?

So I decided to look into what some people thought were good ways to check to see if an article is real or not and I found some things you can ask students for them to see if the article is real or not on FactCheck.org

  • Consider the source
  • Read beyond the headline
  • Check the author
  • Where is the article’s support
  • Check the date
  • Check for biases
  • Consult with websites you know are reliable

So I think that these should be used in the classroom whenever a student finds an article they aren’t sure about. You could go through some articles as a class first and see if the students can start to recognize real from fake and then allow them to try and find them alone with your support after that.

In a world where trolling seems to be everyone’s new favourite hobby we have to teach our students to be critical of what they see online, and if they can do that they will be very successful.



EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Rippin’ Through These Ukulele Songs

This week for my learning post I chose to test out another app! I decided to download the Ukulele Tabs app. The app was pretty easy to use, and I really liked it because it was basically the same layout as the ukulele tab website but the app gave you the option to favourite songs that you wanted to continue to practice. I also like how you are able to search songs based on difficulty.


Another really great feature of this app is something that helps me out a lot. I often find that when I am practising I get frustrated because I have to stop playing to scroll down to see the next set of lyrics and chords. However, with this app you can press play and the app will scroll down by itself so you don’t have to stop playing to scroll and see the next set of chords.



I also have started to get kind of bored of practicing the same song over and over again so I chose to practice a new song this week instead. This week I chose to learn Riptide by Vance Joy which was fairly easy for me to learn because it only has four chords. They are also all chords that I have learned before and the same strumming pattern that I learned for love story. 

Overall, I really liked the ukulele tabs app and I think it helped me learn and practice Riptide. I hope you all enjoy!