EDTC 300

How Have I Helped Others Learn?

Throughout this class we have learned that when working online it is possible to help enhance others learning, even if you don’t realize it. This week we were asked to reflect on how we have helped others through out this class.

I believe that the main way I have helped others through out this class is through sharing things on twitter that my classmates and others could read to help them learn about things in the education world. I did this on several occasions:
















I also participated in twitter chats, and although I did not always have that much experience compared to the others in the twitter chats I still feel as though I was able to contribute enough to make an impact.

I also worked hard to make sure that I commented on my classmates through out their learning journeys, to give them support or to offer help while we learned about technology together. I think the main way I helped my classmates learning through out this class is by asking them questions on their blog posts that I hoped would get them thinking about furthering their learning or where to go with their next learning project blog post. I have added some of my comments that I have posted on my classmates blogs that I have hoped have helped them throughout this class.

Week 4:Double Leg flow (super easy) Jizelle

Hey Jizelle, I still think this is such a cool learning project. This resource clearly has worked really well for you. Have you considered using any other resources other then youtube to test out?

Communication is key-Kylie lorenz

This is a really creative way to show how you should talk to people who are concerned about using tech in the classroom. Some really great points were raised and I feel as though if this was a real conversation between a teacher and parent it would help ease the doubts that parent had.

To Use or Not to Use- Blogademia

I think this is a very creative way of doing your blog post this week, especially because some parents do have many of these same concerns. You raised some good points and they are definitely things that would need to be considered if teaching with technology in the classroom.

News: Real Vs. Fake- Brooklynn Seck

Hey Brooklyn,
You are absolutely correct, a lot of people create fake news to troll others which is incredibly frustrating in a world where people can be easily impressionable. As a teacher it is our job to teach students that we can look other places for news and make an activity out of it to teach students where to find credible news and how to know if it is real or fake!

My Latest Calligraphy Adventure- Shaleen

Those pens are awesome and your calligraphy is even more awesome! I think this is such a creative learning project and I like that you are using pictures and video to show us what you are creating. I think what Nicole said could be a really cool way to end your learning project, if you create a tutorial for how to do calligraphy it could be a great way to help teach others!

Finally, I think that one way I helped improve the learning of others in my class was when Joshua, Jizelle  and I created a video about why we should and shouldn’t teach about Digital Citizenship in the classroom. I think I helped my partners in thinking of ideas they may not have thought of when working on this post, and I think I also helped those who read it in hopefully understanding some of the reasons why we should teach digital citizenship, as well as some of the reservations people might have.

Overall, I think there is more I could have done to help those in my class learn through technology this semester, but considering I am so not use to technology I think I did a pretty good job. I am hoping I helped enhance some of my classmates learning experiences because I for sure know they helped me.


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